Quantum Touch® Testimonials

(DISTANT HEALING SESSION) "I have been dealing with a herniated disc in my lower back for about a year and a half, and I have tried many different modalities of therapy – physiotherapy, chiropractics, personal strengthening – and all had helped, but I have yet to feel fully relieved of pain. I contacted Maricel the day after I was in the ER because I further injured my back weight lifting. I am a Kinesiologist, working as a personal trainer, in Calgary, Alberta. After two sessions with Maricel, I went from being bed ridden and afraid to move, to walking around almost pain free. Maricel helped me focus my mind on healing myself and her technique allowed my back be relieved of muscle spasms. Most importantly I now know that it’s within my power to feel better psychologically, as well as physically. Thank you Maricel for giving me hope!"

David Ridgewell – Calgary, Alberta
"Maricel started working on me the day after I had a c-section with my son.  I was released from the hospital 24 hours after she began treatment and I never required anything stronger than advil and tylenol to help with the pain.  Within one week I no longer needed any pain medication and I was moving well around the house, even carrying my laundry basket up and down the stairs.  I was constantly receiving comments from people saying that they couldn't believe that I had had a cesarean because I was moving so well.  I would definitely recommend Maricel for post surgical pain."
Desiree James - Calgary, AB

"After years of suffering with an aching shoulder from a previous accident, one session with Maricel had completely taken the pain away! I was throwing a ball for a dog the next evening. Something I never thought I would do again. It's been over a month now, and it's like the injury never even took place. Maricel's technique is absolutely amazing!" Gina Kelly - Cobble Hill, B.C. www.westcoastrock.ca


"I found that after a Quantum Touch treatment, my back pain was gone for a longer period of time than when I visit a chiropractor. I like the fact that the treatments do not include harsh manipulation of my body. Maricel put me at ease from the first visit and is a very gentle and supportive practitioner." Suzanne Anderson - Duncan, B.C. www.selfpublishing.ca
"Maricel worked on my back after I had strained it from a hard day's work. I felt immediate relief as her hands warmed my back, and the pain did not come back. An interesting effect that I experienced after she ran energy on my left hand was that I found myself wanting to sing a lot. I wake up singing and sing all day long. Usually I just sing in my head, but since that session with Maricel, I feel compelled to let my throat chakra ring out! She has also worked on my 13 year old son who has a slight curvature to his back. He felt the pain leave his back during the session. Though it is hard to pin him down to receive more energy healing from Maricel, I know that he would benefit greatly." DUNCAN, B.C.

"After one healing session with Maricel, I can feel a change of size in the bump at the base of my neck that has been with me since a car accident years ago. I wasn't sure what to expect from the treatment but I felt taller afterwards and the bump has gotten smaller and bothers me less now. Especially when I am bending my neck to look down at something I am working on." Susan – Duncan, B.C.
"Our German Shepherd had been suffering from an ailing and painful left hind leg for several weeks before Christmas. We found it impossible to give her glucosamine pills in an effort to relieve the pain she was experiencing. After only 2 sessions, Maricel was able to alleviate the pain and eliminate the lameness she had been exhibiting. With only a handful of visits, our dog was spared her suffering and we were spared spending a fortune on costly medication and visits to the vet. Thanks Maricel!" Carrie and Martin, Salt Spring Island, B.C.
"A few weeks ago, I was feeling so sick from a flu that was going around that I had to leave work early. I called Maricel to see if she could help me since I couldn't afford to take any downtime. By the time she arrived, I was covered up in bed with a high fever but shivering at the same time. She ran energy on me for about 45 minutes. About 15 minutes after she had finished, I literally jumped out of bed, fever gone and FEELING GREAT!! I couldn't believe it! The next day, I had minimal symptoms (slight congestion) and was able to carry on with my day. Considering how I had felt the day prior, the result of Maricel working on me bordered on the miraculous! Thanks Maricel!" Sean – Duncan, B.C.
"Our older dog had been walking around for a couple of days with a pronounced limp to her right front leg. I suspected she may have injured herself when our other younger, substantially larger dog had bashed into her during playtime. Maricel ran energy on her for approximately 20 minutes after which our dog got up and walked away with no evidence of any limp whatsoever. Maricel saved us a trip to the vet along with being able to avoid putting our older dog in a state of anxiety which she always experiences on the occasions when a vet visit is necessary. Many thanks, Maricel!" M.C. - Duncan, B.C.
"It was with Maricel's wonderful technique that I was quickly healed. I was very fortunate to have Maricel work her healing touch on me about a month ago. I had told her about an open sore I had on my temple which I'd had for just over 3 months. I had tried multiple treatments but nothing worked, it just remained open and wouldn't heal at all. Maricel worked on me with her healing hands for about 15 minutes. She told me afterwards that it might take some time for anything to happen but just to allow whatever healing was going to take place and to trust in the process. True to her word, within just a few days, it was completely erased! So thank you so much Maricel for your healing touch and putting the proper balance back into my metabolism." S. Pettersson – Cowichan Bay, B.C.
"Maricel has been of tremendous assistance in showing me how to help myself through her counseling along with the aid of Quantum Touch which I'm convinced has created a sense of peace and well-being within me that I have been struggling to achieve for many years." Ana O. – Duncan, B.C.
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