Self Esteem Script (Excerpt Only)






- (Name), I’m going to begin to count down from 3 to 1.  Focus on the number 3 and each time I count backwards your mind will begin associating this as a signal to relax your mind and body even deeper.


- 3, you are learning a new skill…..learning to be happy with who you are.


- 2, by making this decision, you feel more confidence in moving forward in your life.


- 1, whatever reason created these feelings of low self-worth, know that you are no longer that person.


- 3, 2, 1, body rest.


- You may find yourself releasing tension with each and every breath as you move easily and rapidly into a deeper state of relaxation.


- Accessing your imagination NOW, begin visualizing yourself letting go of any anger you have been carrying with you.  Bring all your senses into it….imagine what that would feel like.  What you would look like.


- You make the decision that the emotion of anger from issues long ago, are not welcome on your new journey.


- (Name) imagine watching yourself on t.v.  Visualize a memory of an especially angry time.  Surround yourself with how you were feeling at that moment.  Change the channel NOW, and see yourself in the same situation but feeling calm and sure of yourself.  Nothing that is happening is affecting you in any way.  You maintain this centered feeling of peace.


- NOW, switch the channel again and see yourself again as the old you.  NOW, go back again.  I want you to continue switching the channels until you feel you have dealt with the first angry insecure picture of yourself.  Just let those feelings go NOW.


- Excellent.

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