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Zoe, has been plagued with feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence throughout her life and realizes that it is precisely because of these issues, that the life she has yearned for, has failed to materialize. Believing she is still asleep, Zoe suddenly finds herself face to face, with her otherworldly doppelganger. She is taken on a journey within an etheric realm and presented with thought-provoking and compelling, wisdom and insight eventually initiating a profound spiritual awakening.

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The image for the cover of 'Complete' was chosen for its projection of absolute stillness and ageless strength.  Taking a moment out from our own busy schedules allows us to move into this state of 'reflection', in essence, creating a sense of inner awareness of, 'as within, so without'.



 I felt there was something vaguely familiar about her as she closed the gap between us.  When she finally stopped just on the opposite side of the doorway, I gasped in utter disbelief.  'This CANNOT be happening', I thought, feeling the cold embrace of fear wrapping its tentacles around me.  Raising my arms straight out, palms faced outwards, I feebly attempted to ward off the vision I saw before me.


The woman standing not two feet away, was ME!  In all my glory, literally.  In this, I couldn't even begin to kid myself.  This was me, but it wasn't.  There was no way you could mistake her for the me who lived day to day carrying persistent feelings of insecurity and lack of confidence.  Always finding some fault as to why I couldn't possibly measure up to the next guy.  The woman standing there was that part of me who was whole and complete in every way.  Her confidence was palpable.  I knew the truth of the thoughts that had run through my mind before either of us spoke.






Whenever you need to step back and see the bigger picture about life, Maricel Piercey’s wonderful short story, Complete is the perfect place to start. Using a lucid dream as the setting for an encounter with her Higher Self, the central character slowly learns that everything she believed to be true was in fact not. With the wisdom of seeing her life from a bigger perspective she discovers that what were once negative and disastrous situations turned out to be beneficial and integral to the grander scheme of things.

While our babbling minds limit our ability to see and experience who we really are, Maricel’s story is a reminder for us all to wake up a little bit more and know deep down in our hearts that everything is fine and good and as it should be. Life wasn’t meant to be a struggle, so don’t let your thoughts create one.

What a great reminder for everyone. Trust and let go.


Josh Langley – Author of Turning Inside Out: What if Everything We’ve Been Taught About Life is Wrong




I read Complete – A Tale of Awakening – twice and loved it both times. It is a powerful story packed with little gems of wisdom and insight. I love the interaction between the time-bound self and the immortal one, and have spent many a year yearning for that experience myself. You captured it beautifully and delivered countless profound lessons in such an engaging manner. Kudos! Thank you for sharing it with me.


Kitty Roxanna Connell - Author of Boann's Daughters




What do you imagine a face-to-face encounter with your Higher Self would be like? In her short story entitled “Complete – A Tale of Awakening” Maricel Piercey explores this question through Zoe, the protagonist of this fictional narrative.


If you are not well versed in metaphysical concepts, “Complete – A Tale of Awakening” makes for an entertaining primer to the subject. This short story touches lightly on several New Age topics such as lucid dreaming, astral travel, NDEs (Near Death Experiences), vibrational dimensions, the idea of the law of attraction and how your beliefs create your reality. The reader is treated to a general introduction to each of these topics, in turn, as the story unfolds.


Zoe, through a dream or spontaneously induced astral travel experience, is transported to an alternate dimension where she encounters the embodiment of her Higher Self (her unencumbered Real nature). A dialog ensues. Through the course of this dialog Zoe learns to see her life, and the things that have been holding her back from living her life fully, from a new, on-high perspective.


If you are not a stranger to New Ages ideas, the concepts presented in Piercey’s short story will probably be very familiar to you. In either case, the question that drives the story’s narrative is an interesting one to contemplate whether you are a newbie or very well acquainted with metaphysical ideas. The story is an amusing read. What do you imagine it would be like to have a heart-to-heart exchange with an embodiment of your Higher Self?

Evette Gardner, Author of “21 Days to a Changed Life



Complete, a short story by Maricel Piercey, recounts a journey she takes with her higher self, or her soul, and how she becomes one with the part of herself that knows the big picture of life. Perhaps you could say that Maricel goes from having a view of the stage from the orchestra pit, to having a view of the stage from the balcony. The story is warm and inviting, as Maricel touches on many of the issues we all deal with: staying in the moment, being happy, feeling gratitude, and letting go of the past. Complete is certainly worth the short time it takes to read.


Betsy Otter Thompson, Author of "Walking Through Illusion"



“The little voice in our heads can be both vicious and soothing – it plays to whatever is necessary to ensure it keeps us locked up in our little box – it is a master manipulator and it knows us very well. It cannot afford for us to even glimpse the true glory of what we are, let alone what we are capable of. The little voice in our hearts, however, loves us unconditionally and encourages us, whenever we allow ourselves to listen to it, to explore who we really are. I call the ability to step out of what we think we are and into who we really are, ‘stepping in’ – the magic is that once we’ve stepped in, we are ‘Complete’. The process of stepping in is often a long and difficult journey – our egos (ergo the little voice in our head) are quite ingrained by the time we get to the point in our lives where we start to realize that things are not as they should be. Maricel’s beautiful story “Complete” captures the essence of this journey and makes it real. She takes you on a journey of moving from that space of being incomplete to recognizing there’s more and to finally step in. The process and the decisions are as beautiful as this story suggests. Maricel takes this process out of the ethereal space of “what if” and brings it into the space of “yeah, I get that”.
Trish Bishop, Author of “The Question Journey”
Just finished reading your most recent book " A Tale of Awakening". What a spiritual masterpiece.
Incredibly inspiring, deeply motivational. I feel truly refreshed.
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
In gratitude,

Toni Blitterswyk
Sutton Group - West Coast Realty


COMPLETE by Maricel Piercey is a powerful short story that will leave you with a feeling of awe and wonder and a deeper understanding of what it means to be alive.


Bernadette McCormack, Artist


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